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Occupational Health

Occupational Health Services

Our mission at Cosmopolitan Medical is to help our clients achieve maximum staff productivity and minimise their costs by maintaining the health and well-being of their employees.

At Cosmopolitan Medical Clinic we can provide both individual and corporate occupational health services, such as:-

  • Immunity / screening blood tests
  • Vaccinations – i.e. Hepatitis B
  • Annual influenza / flu vaccinations
  • HIV testing
  • Drug & alcohol testing
  • Certificates and Records of Vaccinations given

We provide convenient on- & off-site services to all types of organisations from large, single or multi-site operations, for both private and public bodies.


Flu vaccine — £12

Even though you may not be in the 'at risk' category for flu, it is still recommended you have the flu vaccine to avoid passing it on to others. The flu vaccine is available between October and March.

Providing flu vaccinations to your work force can reduce sickness rates within the winter months and avoids staff requesting time off to visit NHS GP appointments during the week. If your environment is deemed suitable, we can attend your place of work and provide a full flu clinic at your convenience. (A nurse attendance fee may be charged, depending on location. Please contact for more details). Contact us for further details as dates are already being filled by companies requiring the service for winter 2017.

Occupational Health

Service Sample Type Results in Price
HIV 1&2/p24Ag BLOOD £139.00
ALCOHOL PROFILE 2 BLOOD & URINE (LFT/CDT/Etg/Ets) 3 days £180.00
Trace METAL Profile BLOOD 7 - 10 days £300.00
Needle Stick Injury BLOOD (Hep B's Ag/Hep C Abs/Hep C Ag/HIV 1+2/p24)
Serum saved for 2 years
1 day £170.00
Needle Stick Injury Profile + Hep B Immunisation Programme BLOOD (Hep B Ag/Hep C Abs/Hep C Ag/HIV 1+2/p24)
Serum saved for 2 years
HEP B VACCINATION x3: Administered at 0, 1 month, 6 months

Individual Immunity Blood Tests

Autumn discounts apply to some occupational health services - see below

Immunity To Price
Varicella £75.00
Measles £70.00
Mumps* £105.00
Rubella £55.00
Hepatitis B £85.00

* Results take 2 working days

Occupational Health Vaccinations

Vaccination Course Notes Price
Hepatitis B Vaccinations administered at 0, 1 month, 3 months and 12 month OR 0, 1 month, 5-6 months. £80.00 per vaccination
Diptheria / Tetanus / Polio Provides 10 years' protection £35.00
Hepatitis A £80.00 per vaccination
Measles / Mumps / Rubella 2 doses should be offered to individuals WITHOUT IMMUNITY, with a minimum gap of 4 weeks between doses £55.00 per vaccination
Chickenpox (Varicella) Varicella clients who are non-immune should be offered two doses with a minimum gap of 4 weeks between doses. The second dose should be ideally offered 6-8 weeks after the first. £75.00 per vaccination

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