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Private Blood Tests

At Cosmopolitan Medical Clinic, we offer private blood tests which can help screen for a wide range of illness.
Not only can a blood test help to diagnose certain problems but it can help you to charge of your health.

We offer HIV testing with a small amount of blood. We also offer new blood screening services which include for a range of symptoms:

-tiredness and fatigue
- Vitamin B12 levels - Active B12 plus Folate and Ferritin £93.00
-Well Man plus Ultra Vit £173.00
Well Woman plus Ultra Vit £173.00
Life-style and Health £84.00

We also offer

- Allergy Screening £104.00
- Male and Female Hormones £104.00
- Thyroid from £94.00
Coeliac Plus - £173.00
Well person Advance plus Thyroid £173.00

Covid 19 - Throat swab - Remote testing - £250

Our samples are analysed by two laboratories, both of which are accredited and inspected for overall quality management by UKAS - United Kingdom Accreditation Services